11 January 2015

Bellotti at the Expo2015

Bellotti at the Expo2015.
With its products and technological expertise, Bellotti participated in the creation of two areas inside the Expo, where wood played a major role.
Expo Milano 2015 is a world exhibition, an innovative exhibition, but also a process of participation that involves numerous individuals around a single theme: nourishing the planet, energy for life. A unique event that gives life to a new Expo concept: themed, sustainable and technological.
Thanks to its experience in construction, Bellotti was selected by Moretti Interholz, general contractor and Expo expert, to supply some of the materials to create two macro areas dedicated to Rice and Cocoa. The two areas are subdivided in two smaller areas, each one comprising 3 buildings in wood and 1 in steel, for a total of 16 buildings, designed with a modular system.
The structure of each building is completely in laminated wood with a total covered area of about 1,900 square meters. Every building is three floors (ground floor, first floor, and second floor). The rooftops are in laminated wood with framed roof panels.
For vertical infilling the choice was to use Bellotti’s Laripan® panel with a sandwich structure: a polystyrene insulating panel coated on one side with an OSB panel and on the other by a three-layer panel in spruce; the light weight, ease of sectioning and the sizes of these panels allowed a fast and guaranteed implementation in addition to optimal combination of physical-mechanical characteristics.
Also the 3 technical buildings, which will house the plants, will be completely covered by Bellotti’s Laripan® insulating panels.

img-20140917-00348 dscn2660 20140731_114611 plani

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