Yacht Building

For the yacht building sector, Bellotti produces exclusive composite and lightweight panels, with high structural efficiency and high mechanical performances suitable to various applications such as: bulkheads, furniture and flooring. The components used for structures and inserts, as well as foams and gluing, guarantee high durability, strength and flatness performance.

Bulkheads: the evolution of composite panels

Bellotti has always been synonymous with the evolution of wood, and now more than ever, as it offers its clients the evolution of composite panels.
From the single technological element to the complex multifunctional system: bulkheads and floors processed and assembled, prepared in kits for the installation at the worksite.
By bulkhead is meant the set of technological panels made by Bellotti according to drawings based on the client’s specifications and assembled with innovative technical parts to produce complete solutions of high performing compartmentalization more than ever in the vanguard.

For the yacht building sector, we support designers and shipyards in finding the best solutions for aesthetic impact and functionality, making available the expertise of our technical office and our in depth-knowledge of the characteristics of each material. In sharing the best solutions, each project can be customized while maintaining unchanged the reliability and durability features.