Yacht building

Technical elegance

A century-long

Wood is at the heart of our strong specialization in the yacht building sector, the result of an expertise gained over almost 100 years of collaborations with operators active in the sector.
We produce lightweight, soundproofing marine plywood and sandwich panels, with high structural efficiency and high mechanical performance, making them a suitable choice for the construction of bulkheads, furnishings and floating floors.


We produce marine plywood starting from selected and internally processed veneers. Moisture resistance is guaranteed by class 3 bonding, in accordance with the EN 314 standard. We can customize the panels with surface finishing, through the use of veneered noble woods, papers, and laminates up to lacquering and pantographs.
Our plywoods are R.I.Na approved, and we can also produce fire-certified panels on request.

Sandwich panels

Our lightweight and soundproofing sandwich panels, with attention to vibration damping, form the core of the many systems used in the nautical world. The marine plywood and inserts, alongside their foam and bonding, guarantee durability, resistance and compactness, in compliance with the strict regulations of the nautical sector.