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Experience and

Know-how and experience have allowed us to form an internal department specialised in the railway sector. Thanks to partnerships with various companies with great experience in this market, we have developed skills that allow us to stand by the customer throughout all phases of the project, from consultancy, to integrated design, up to testing and maintenance.


Our plywoods for the transportation sector guarantee excellent mechanical strength with an advantageous weight-to-performance ratio. We produce Carply RA and Plywood panels in beech, in compliance with the main specifications and requirements of the sector. Their special surface resin provides the correct fire protection and reaction, and increases the toughness, impermeability, and durability of the panel.

Plywood for the transportation sector

Sandwich panels

Our insulating sandwich panels, with various constructions and inserts, are building blocks of the many systems offered in the railway sector. The design is always very attentive to acoustic, thermal, mechanical and weight performance, in order to give greater comfort to the surrounding environment.