Other sectors

The evolution of versatility

Furniture, industrial bodywork and construction

We offer products used in a range of fields; from the artisanal and industrial fields to construction; from window frames to furnishings. The excellent quality of our products is guaranteed not only by our use of high quality origin-certified raw materials, but also by cutting-edge technology and systems, and a high level of professional competence, gained by carryng out work over the course of almost a century.


Aesthetic emotion and technological innovation are what make our products for the furniture sector stand out, and this is what has always been the embodiment of Made in Italy. Reliable products, excellent in both quality and design, recognised around the world.
For the furniture sector, we produce plywood in various woods, and panels plated with precious veneers, of noble essences.

Industrial bodywork

Even in industrial bodywork we are attentive to the technical-physical qualities of our products, which are increasingly suitable for dealing with issues related to constructive functionality, safety, and moderate costs.
We pay particular attention to our products’ physical-mechanical characteristics and their load and rolling friction resistance, as well as their soundproofing qualities and reactions to fire. In this sector you will find Birch, Carply and Beech panels.

Plywood for industrial bodywork