18 October 2023

The importance of bulkheads in marine industry

When it comes to boating, an often underestimated but vitally important element concerns bulkheads. Real dividers inside boats, whose role goes far beyond the mere division of spaces.
In this article we will explore their importance by focusing on objectives such as soundproofing, thermal comfort and their function in boat furnishings.

Soundproofing and Thermal Comfort

In boats comfort is a strategic factor. With the air conditioning on to control humidity levels and the sun which can overheat the boat while underway, the bulkheads ensure a comfortable climate-wise environment.
Among the other important functions performed by the bulkheads we also include that of acoustically isolating the cabins on board. Although they are very thin, on average they have a thickness of only 20 mm, the technical materials used manage to isolate and create a pleasant internal environment, also in terms of noise and privacy.

We will postpone this aspect relating to the materials used to the next article where we will delve deeper into the various materials used in the construction of the sandwich panels used for our bulkhead systems.


Furnishing Support

In addition to providing thermal comfort and soundproofing, bulkheads are also decisive when it comes to the furnishings of the interior spaces.
They must support shelves, wardrobes, mirrors and furnishing accessories. And they must do it in a functional way, optimizing the limited spaces of the boats.
As reported above, the thicknesses of the panels are thin, therefore, it is essential that they are robust and resistant, in this way they can support furniture and interior furnishing equipment.
Their solid structure is a decisive element in ensuring stability even during the roughest seas.


In conclusion, bulkheads may seem like simple partitions, but their characteristics contribute to soundproofing, thermal comfort and furnishings of boats, thus ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience on a boat.

To know more

This type of benches have been produced upon request of a single customer; however, satisfied with what was achieved, it has now become a product in our range offered to more than one client.

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