23 September 2023

To school with Bellotti

Last week more than eight million students crossed the doors of Italian schools. The shouting of the students, the bell ringing, laughter and calls overlapping, before the “silence” with the start of lessons, started again like every year.
Silence so to speak, and this is where today’s post begins. In fact, we will discover in this article how we reduce noise in the classroom and thus facilitate the work of teachers at school (and not only at school).

Silence in the classroom! Thanks to the Bellotti desks

A few years ago a company of school furniture contacted us to ask us for specific solutions capable of solving certain requests from their customers: desks capable of muffling the noise of pens, pencils and forks.

Professionals who work in a community setting, such as schools, canteens, laboratories, training rooms, know very well that at the end of the day all those noises, caused by objects such as those listed below, contribute to making the day less light and more stressful:

– Pens, pencils, pencil cases, books and all stationery used on school desks
– Cutlery, plates, trays and other accessories used on canteen counters

We also add to these noises the fact that many of these environments are not very recent in terms of construction and therefore poorly soundproofed, thus amplifying the noise of the various objects used on the desks themselves.

The solution we proposed not only satisfied the customer, but it also even became an item in our product range.


Noise-proof benches

Noise-proof benches, this is how we make them

To produce community and canteen benches capable of limiting noise, the panel we propose is always made with the same approach as the sandwich panels used in other sectors (we also talked about it in a previous article dedicated to sandwich panels in the marine sector).
The sandwich panel used for community benches, whose name is Lariphon ® chipboard, has an insert of recycled rubber, the role of thiscore is decisive, as it dampens the impact of objects on the surface, such as the knock of pens, pencils or forks.

However, unlike other sandwich panels for other target sectors, those optimized to be positioned within community environments have a very specific peculiarity.
In fact, the rubber is not positioned perfectly in the center, but towards the surface, in such a way as to further reduce the sound resulting from the friction of the accessories on the bench.

Noise-proof benches

To know more

This type of benches have been produced upon request of a single customer; however, satisfied with what was achieved, it has now become a product in our range offered to more than one client.

For contacts and information, and to ask for solutions not in the catalogue, please contact us.

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