28 August 2023

A light and silent transformation in the Nautical World: Sandwich Panels

They are one of the most important innovations in the nautical world: we are talking about lightened and soundproofing sandwich panels. These solutions are transforming the marine industry, improving both performance and the onboard experience. Let’s find out more in this post.

That’s why boats need to lighten up

In the world of sailing, the importance of lightness and weight savings cannot be underestimated.
These panels answer the challenges that the design and construction of a boat requires. Reducing the weight of the boat brings significant advantages, such as more energy efficiency, reduction of consumption and improvement of general stability.
Lightweight sandwich panels have proven to be a cutting-edge solution for achieving these goals without compromising the safety or robustness of the structure itself.


Find out why sandwich panels are beneficial

The reason behind their effectiveness lies in their layered structure capable of combining a light and resistant core with rigid external surfaces. This real mix of lightness and stiffness allows to obtain the maximum strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for boats.
A decisive role is then covered by the foams used, their peculiarities affect the reduction of weight and the increase in general performance. We will return to these aspects in a future post.

Quietness + lightness = pleasure + safety

Another crucial aspect well known by experts in the nautical field is the reduction of noise and vibrations. This is exactly where soundproofing panels come into play.
These panels, placed on the floor or on the wall, reduce the noise and vibrations generated by both the waves and the engine, thus offering comfort and a more pleasant experience for passengers on board.

Sandwich panels, the elixir of life for boats

Another benefit of sandwich and soundproofing panels must also be mentioned, namely their role in guaranteeing the durability of the boat.
The use of highly resistant materials and modern gluing technologies ensure that the structure can withstand the numerous environmental and mechanical stresses to which boats are subjected during navigation. These stresses risk compromising the longevity of the boats themselves or at least affecting their performance.

The choice of suitable materials, carefully selected to withstand the most extreme marine conditions and carefully processed, is essential for the safety and longevity of the boats. We also talked about it in the previous article dedicated to Marine Plywood.

Light-weight and sound insulating sandwich panels, here are the solutions by Bellotti

Our lightened and soundproofing sandwich panels, with attention to vibration damping, are the heart of the many systems designed for the nautical world. On this page you can consult our solutions and learn more about the various characteristics for each type.

Marine plywood and inserts, as well as foams and glues, guarantee durability, resistance and flatness in compliance with the rigid, rightly rigid, and stringent industry regulations.

To know more

In conclusion, the importance of light-weight and soundproofing sandwich panels in boats cannot be emphasized enough. This light and silent transformation offers a more efficient, pleasant and safe navigation, guaranteeing maximum durability and resistance.

But progress in materials technology and naval engineering never stops, which is why relying on competent, up-to-date companies that are always attentive to innovations in their sector makes the difference.

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