10 July 2023

Nautical Center in Viareggio, here is a new Bellotti’s office

We announced it in the previous post, new surprises are in the pipeline and are about to set sail. One of these is the inauguration of the new Bellotti office in Viareggio, inside the Nautical Center, which took place last Thursday 6 July.

Nautical Center in Viareggio, the ideal location for Bellotti

Bellotti chose the Viareggio Nautical Center because it allows him to establish himself in the nerve center of the Tuscan Nautical District and be able to be closer to the main interlocutors in the shipbuilding sector, intercepting the numerous requests from this area even more effectively.

The partnership with NAVIGO is strategic

The partnership with NAVIGO, , one of the main players for innovation and development in the nautical sector that Bellotti has recently joined, was decisive for the opening of the office.

As anticipated above, the goal is to strengthen our presence in the most important region for the production of yachts at an international level.
The new office will be both a point of reference in the area for those wishing to learn more about the technologies and innovations offered by Bellotti, and our “showcase” for presenting new products and new proposals directly to interested parties.

New office in Viareggio and implementation of ESG

On the occasion of the inauguration of the office, the company held a technical meeting which saw the involvement of various prominent personalities from both Bellotti and NAVIGO.
The meeting had as its focus the implementation of the three ESG principles that constitute the company’s quality standard. ESG, in fact, is the acronym of Environmental, Social and Governance.

Environmental: the Environment in first place!

As we mentioned in the previous post regarding the sustainability objectives, Bellotti’s commitment to analyzing energy consumption in a capillary manner is a target that guides the company’s choices in a detailed manner. Making the entire production line efficient and lowering the environmental impact of its action is the daily challenge of the entire Bellotti team.

Social, interacting with the customer thanks to new technologies

Bellotti has developed a virtualization tool for the entire production (the famous concept of metaverse that is gaining popularity in recent months), which allows, on the one hand, to be able to show one’s catalog both to customers and at fairs, while on the other it testifies to the will, which has always distinguished the company, to invest in innovation.

Governance, we speed up exchanges Production – Shipyards

Finally, as far as governance is concerned, Bellotti has decided to join a social management platform which makes it possible to speed up – however in a formal and controlled way – commercial exchanges between internal production and shipyards, registering them in a secure and always updated database. This register will include all the commercial exchanges that take place between the company and its customers, in this way it will also be possible to intervene promptly should a problem arise with a particular product.

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