12 March 2015

Betonply and Okoumè for the new Lura Park Offices

A few Bellotti’s materials were used to build the new office of the Lura Park in Caslino al Piano (CO).
The new building features very low environmental impact and it is built with a large square exhibition hall. The material selected for its construction, exposed reinforced concrete, is extremely rigorous; the formworks creates in its multiples (all built with Betonply® Bellotti) the entire structure of the building, designed in every detail.
The light, which was a fundamental element of the project, was “modulated” by the use of seventeen-meter long beams that leave a well-calculated space for patios and skylights. In the interior, ceilings, walls and furnishings are created with Bellotti Okoumè marine plywood panels.
The project called for a use not limited to carry out administrative functions but also to meet with schoolchildren to raise environmental protection awareness and inform citizens about the various initiatives and the main points of interest offered by the Park, so to give value and preserve it as a precious asset for the territory.
The architectural project and operation management are under the care of Architects Paolo Brambilla and Renato Conti.
The project won the award Magistri Comacini.

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