24 February 2015

Carply®: an original for the Box in the Box

The Box in the box. The inside box is of glass, structurally supported by thin iron profiles. The exterior one is a spinning factory in Vighizzolo, a hamlet of Cantù (CO).
It is in this charming and inspirational place – chosen as the perfect location for the Architectural Office of Architects Radice and Tagliabue, in this case both architects and their own clients – that Bellotti’s Carply® found an original and interesting application.
The goal of the designers was in fact to create a minimal intervention through the process of recovery and adding value to the space. And thus, while the exterior structure (the spinning factory) was subjected only to the replacement of the deteriorated elements, the interior structure (a sort of artificial box constituted by a high-performance iron and glass structure) became the operational office of the architectural studio.
The flooring and desks were all created with Carply® by Bellotti: the material that is usually used to cover truck loading areas was used as an element of furnishing, pleasant to the touch and of an interesting color.
The uniqueness of this project is the innovative relationship between the original and new structure. In a contrast that is also a clear and reciprocal re-purposing, the two elements become indispensable to each other.
And around the new box a hybrid space is born that, paradoxically, is the real center of the studio.

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